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10 Benefits of Using a Water Ionizer

Water has a major impact on our health so it's important to make sure that the water we use is safe and healthy for us. Normal tap water is not always safe and may be contaminated in many cases. Many people believe that a standard filter on their tap or a pitcher will suffice, but these only scratch the surface, and they don’t get rid of many contaminants. Plus, they don’t add any extra benefits to your water as a water ionizer can. The solution to this problem is to use a water ionizer.

What is a Water Ionizer?

Water ionizers are electrical appliances that filter and convert normal household/tap water to ionized water. Ionized water is a great way for us to keep a healthy lifestyle, so buying a water ionizer is one of the best ways you could improve your lifestyle. Owning a water ionizer has a lot of benefits and we'll discuss some of these in this article.

10 Benefits of Using a Water Ionizer

1) Water ionizers convert normal water to alkaline water which has numerous health benefits

The main product of a water ionizer is alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water everyday day has a long-term positive health effect on our bodies.

2) Premium water ionizers make alkaline water with molecular hydrogen

Some water ionizers can make alkaline water that contains molecular hydrogen.

Alkaline water with molecular hydrogen has been the subject of many research studies. These studies show us that molecular hydrogen alkaline water acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants fight inflammation, improve the skin texture, boost immunity and slow down the human body's natural aging process.

There are over 1000 scientific studies that point to the amazing health benefits of molecular hydrogen. Studies show that alkaline water with molecular hydrogen increases energy levels, reduces fatigue, fights acidity and keeps our bodies well-hydrated.

3) Ionized water is a drink best served fresh

To enjoy the maximum benefits of alkaline water, it is best to drink it fresh from a water ionizer because the hydrogen inside slowly dissipates once the water is ionized.

Having a water ionizer ensures that you always have a fresh glass of alkaline water.

4) Use a water ionizer to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh

Vegetables and fruits often have residues from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Washing them under turbo alkaline water ensures that all these harmful oil-based chemicals are washed away. You can keep your vegetables fresh and clean by washing them with water from your ionizer.

5) Soaking meats in ionized water removes odor and keeps them tender

Ionized water keeps meat tender and removes foul odors especially from seafood. Just fill a bowl with ionized water and soak the meat in the water until the odors go away.

6) Acidic water is good for your plants and can revive dying plants

Some water ionizers can also make acidic water. Acidic water with an intermediate pH is very good for your acid-loving plants and can even help revive them.

7) Ionized acidic water can be used as a mouthwash

As mentioned earlier, some ionizers can make acidic water which has a great number of benefits. Ionized water that is slightly acidic can help keep your mouth clean and give you fresh breath.

8) Ionized water from your water ionizer can be used as a cleaning agent

Alkaline water is a good solvent and can be used to clean greasy stains, germs and dirt in your house.

9) You can use ionized acidic water to soothe minor cuts and scrapes

Acidic water can also be used to clean and soothe minor cuts when giving first aid.

10) Use your ionizer's acidic water for healthy skin

Ionized acidic water from your water ionizer is good for your skin. People suffering from dry and itchy skin can benefit from this, as bathing in acidic water can also relieve tired muscles.

Now that you've learned all the amazing benefits of a water ionizer we've discussed here, how about you share with us your own experience. Tell us how having a water ionizer in your home has improved your lifestyle. If you don't own a water ionizer, you should get one today. Either way, leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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