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How Water Ionizers Work

If you’re new to the world of water ionizers and alkaline water, you might be wondering just how these high-tech machines ionize your water. Do they just add minerals to your water? Filter it?

There are two kinds of ionizers: electric and non-electric. Non-electric ionizers raise the pH of your water by using filters to add minerals and alkalize your water, which really isn’t considered ionization. Since this is the case, we don’t consider non-electrics actual “ionizers” at all. Rather, the correct term for them is alkalizers.

Since electric ionizers are much more reliable, effective, and long-lasting - we’re just going to focus on electric water ionizers here.

Electric ionizers follow a simple three-step process: filtration, electrolysis, and dispensing. It’s also the only kind of ionizer (if it’s premium quality) that creates molecular hydrogen and other antioxidants as well.

Read on to find out more about how an electric water ionizer works!

It’s magic that you can drink!

1) Electric ionizers filter your water.

Once your ionizer is installed and plugged in, it’s ready to purify your tap water.

A water ionizer uses either one or two filters but the best units use a dual filtration system.

These filters remove things like

● Bacteria

● Contaminants

● Heavy metals

● Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

● Other particles and sediment

In a two-step filtration system, which, again, is only found in high-quality water ionizers, one filter contains ceramic and the other contains activated carbon. When used together, they can catch the toxins listed above and prevent them from flowing into the spout of your machine.

Whatever minerals are already present in your water are preserved and not caught by the filters.

Want the best filtration possible? Then go for premium ionizers with dual Dialipure filters that have a .01-micron filtering capacity. This 0.01-micron power is the kind you find in a medical-grade kidney dialysis machine.

Additionally, always ask the company to see their filter report so that you can rest assured that the filters remove the bulk of contaminants.

2) Electric ionizers ionize your water through electrolysis.

This is where all of the awesome benefits of ionized water come in.

After purification, the water enters a specially created electrolysis chamber, which is where the magic of ionization happens.

When the water passes over the titanium plates (with either a solid, mesh, or a more durable solid/mesh hybrid design), it’s split into two streams – one alkaline and one acidic. The alkaline stream is for drinking while the acidic one is often the runoff, but you can use that water for other tasks.

Take note: a good water ionizer never relies on added chemicals to raise the pH levels of your water. The machine does all the work. So, be sure to look for a chemical-free electric ionizer if you want what’s best for your health.

Also, great ionizers don’t just alkalize your water.

The best electric ionizers produce an amazing antioxidant called molecular hydrogen. This secret ingredient delivers an unmatchable hydration and energy boost to your cells, so you’ll feel wide awake with just a few sips of alkaline water.

The premium ionizers fill your water with minerals and electrolytes too!

Some superior brands even have an Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost feature, which maximizes the production of this antioxidant. Your water will be much healthier and tastier because of this.

3) Electric ionizers give you clean, mineral-rich alkaline water!

After filtration and electrolysis, you’re ready to start drinking your fresh ionized alkaline water. All you need to do is to press the button and voila!

Depending on the brand and model, some electric water ionizers have other special features that make the premium prices worth it.

There are ionizers that have colorful smartphone-inspired touchscreens that make selecting your water easier. There are also models that can speak at least four languages and those that have motion-activated sensors that control the flow of your water.

Regardless of what unit you’re looking at, these are the basic processes of an electric water ionizer. Knowing what goes on inside your machine makes it easier for you to identify if it’s doing its job well or not and if it’s worth the money. Remember, always do your research so you can make the best choice for your health.

Go forth and let us help you buy your dream water ionizer!

What’s an add-on feature you’d love your dream ionizer to have? Share away below.

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