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Alkaline Water Pitchers: Big Money WASTE

In need of pure, mineral-rich alkaline water? We totally get you: we all are. In an age when we have the power to choose what we want for our health, we shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

However, not all alkaline water providers are created equal. One such option is a device called an alkaline water pitcher, which is a standard plastic pitcher that contains a single filter at the center of the container. This pitcher is supposed to clean and ionize your tap water.

But does it work as well as it claims? We’ll tell you straight away: no, it doesn’t.

Let’s talk about why you shouldn’t waste your money on an alkaline water pitcher.

Yup, that’s what will happen to your money if you get a filter pitcher.

1) Alkaline water pitchers don’t filter your water quickly.

When you fill your new Brita or Pur with a liter of your tap water, well, don’t expect results within the next 60 seconds or so. Filter pitchers tend to take at least a minute to clean the water that you pour into the containers, which could be a hassle if you’re too thirsty to wait for pure water.

Some models are even known to take up to 10 to 15 minutes to filter less than 5 cups of water!

On the other hand, a water ionizer will do the job in just seconds from the moment you press the button to fill up your glass with filtered alkaline water.

2) Alkaline water pitchers don’t remove all contaminants from your water.

Speaking of contaminants, did you know that most pitchers usually target just one or two kinds of contaminants in your water?

If you pay attention to the descriptions on the websites and packaging of some popular filter pitcher brands, the word “reduce” is going to be your most commonly noticed word. Remember, “reduce” isn’t the same as “remove.” Reduce only means that while dozens of other toxins and particles can still be in your water.

For example, a Brita pitcher’s single activated carbon filter can’t actually remove bacteria from your water. Plus, the contaminants can get stuck on the filter’s material and flow into your water, especially if you’re not diligent about replacing your filter. Gross!

If your water situation at home is particularly toxic, a filter pitcher makes for a weak line of defense.

The best water ionizers can completely remove hundreds of contaminants from your source water and remineralize it too. That’s a way better job than a plastic pitcher.

We feel you, Xtina.

3) Alkaline water pitchers only give you one kind of ionized water and pH level.

All that a filter pitcher can give you is alkaline water within a limited range of pH levels.

For people who want to use a pitcher only for drinking, this might be enough. However, would you really want to shell out hundreds of dollars (the original pitcher PLUS the costs of your replacement filters over the years) on a device that isn’t as versatile as others on the market?

One of our favorite things about an ionizer is its ability to produce various pH levels of both alkaline and acidic water. This versatile machine gives you a variety of water options for drinking and non-drinking uses, so it can even replace some chemical-filled household products that you normally use. A filter pitcher can’t even come close to that.

4) Alkaline water pitchers don’t last as long as water ionizers do.

Let’s face it: a pitcher with a tiny filter can only do so much for your water. Since most pitchers can’t perform electrolysis, usually only reduce certain contaminants, and “fix” the taste and smell of your water, you won’t get the same kinds of benefits as you would if you used an ionizer.

The filters aren’t much better either. Normally, a pitcher’s filters will last anywhere between 2 to 4 months only or need to be changed after every 40 gallons of water. Compare that to the 6-month and 950-gallon lifespan of an ionizer’s filters.

Plus, there are filter pitchers with weak and flimsy lids. Can you imagine how much water you’d waste if the lid suddenly came off as you were trying to pour yourself a glass of alkaline water? Not pretty.

An alkaline water pitcher might seem like a cheap and attractive alternative. However, as a long-term option, it really isn’t worth it. Ultimately, the best source of healthy ionized alkaline water is still a water ionizer.

Have you ever used a filter pitcher before? If so, what brand did you use, and did it impress you as much as they said it would? Let us know in the comments.

What’s sure to impress you is a high-quality water ionizer. So if you want to get your own water ionizer today, we’ll be happy to help! Reach out to our team at 888-818-9969 or

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