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How to Convince Your Husband to Buy a Water Ionizer

Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer is the healthiest type of water available today. It does wonders for your health and the quality of the drinks and food that you make and consume, which is why owning an ionizer is a must for your daily life.

If you’re set on ordering your dream ionizer but your husband doesn’t want to get one because he thinks it’s unnecessary, what can you do?

Simple: show him the benefits of owning a water ionizer.

Below we’ll list five main reasons to show why you and your husband should get a water ionizer today.

You’ll both be dancing with joy when you get your own ionizer!

Save money on water, electricity, household products, and cosmetics with an ionizer.

Trying to cut down on your monthly budget? Tell your husband that getting a water ionizer will help a lot.

Having an ionizer at home means that you won’t have to spend on other sources of drinking water because you’ll always be able to get filtered ionized water straight from your own tap. If you’re the type to buy water by the bottle, you can say goodbye to plastics forever once you have an ionizer.

Additionally, the acidic water from an ionizer is great for loads of non-drinking purposes. You can use it to clean your phones, your kids’ toys, your tables, your floors, and even your car without having to rely on chemical-filled products. Acidic water with a pH of 5.5 makes a great wash for your skin and hair.

All in all a water ionizer is a wonderful multipurpose product, one that’ll save you money down the road.

Sports professionals love alkaline water.

If your husband is into baseball, MMA, or any other popular sport, he probably has his favorite athletes. Here’s the good news – many of them actually rely on alkaline water for their hydration needs.

And for good reason! A 2018 study has shown that alkaline water has the following effects on combat athletes:

● “Enhances hydration”

● “Improves acid-base balance”, and

● “Improves anaerobic exercise performance”

It’s got the same effects on the bodies of many other sports professionals too.

So, if you get a water ionizer, your husband will be able to drink fresh alkaline water every day just like the pros he loves. He’ll even be a step closer to their health routines.

Look at all that energy! They must be drinking alkaline water!

Hangovers will be a thing of the past with alkaline water.

If your husband is well-acquainted with beer, wine, or whisky, he very well knows that crashing after an evening of fun is usually inevitable and even dreaded. One reliable way to lessen the effects of a hangover is to stay hydrated.

When it comes to hydration, there’s no better option than alkaline water. It’s filled with molecular hydrogen, which can penetrate your cells and give your body hydration that lasts.

With an ionizer, you’ll always have fresh hydrogen-rich ionized alkaline water at your disposal. Having a water ionizer will make the aftermath of your next drunken date night at home much more bearable.

Coffee and juice taste much better when made with alkaline water.

If coffee is an essential part of your husband’s morning routine, he’ll love how much better coffee tastes when you prepare it with alkaline water.

Brewing coffee with alkaline water:

● Brings out the flavor better than regular water can

● Lowers the acidity of the drink, and

● Helps you use less coffee

This means you’ll also save money! It’s a great deal.

Additionally, if you have kids, your husband will be happy to know that you’ll never have to buy pre-packaged drinks for them ever again when you have an ionizer. Blending alkaline water with natural fruits makes your juices sweeter and more refreshing.

We promise – your kids will be begging for more of these healthy drinks.

Alkaline water helps you lose weight.

Is your husband worried that he’s been packing on the pounds lately, especially if he hasn’t physically active?

Tell him that alkaline water is a sustainable and healthy weight loss tool. Drinking water can boost your metabolism and prevent food cravings or hunger pangs, which affect how well your body breaks down calories.

Alkaline water’s mineral-rich and antioxidant-filled properties double the health benefits of regular water. Advise your husband to drink one to two glasses of alkaline water whenever he thinks he’s hungry, and his body will reward him a hundredfold.

Ready, set, ionize!

Ultimately, all your husband really needs to know is that a water ionizer is a lifetime investment for both of you – and for the rest of your family.

Remember, bottled alkaline water won’t have the same health benefits as fresh ionized water from an ionizer, nor is it a sustainable and eco-friendly option.

You can only experience these amazing benefits with an ionizer, so have your husband take a pick from our selection of machines and bring home your own unit today.

Do you have other ways to convince your spouse to get a water ionizer? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

For more info, contact us today at 888-818-9969 or

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